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August 9, 2020             

Today on our tour of Jerusalem we will look at two pools where Jesus healed two people. What can we learn from the differences between these two places?


Message: Seeing Jesus in Jerusalem

Scripture: John 5-9


  • We pray for God’s continued care for those in need.

  • Pray for school leaders, teachers, parents and students as they prepare for schools to reopen.

  • Pray for our ministry programs as we prepare to begin this fall. We ask that we can continue to make an impact on the families in our community.


Deacons Meeting: Tuesday, August 11, 6:30 pm.


Council Meeting: Tuesday August 25, 6:30 pm.


Vacation:  Kara will be out of office on Friday  August 14th. The bulletin will be printed on Thursday August 13th this week, if you need an announcement placed in the bulletin please have it sent to Kara no later than 10 am on Thursday the 13th. Thank you!



The Council, upon the recommendation of the MPG, has decided to go forward with reopening our ministry programs and groups this fall using safe social distancing, face coverings, and good sanitation. Please pray for the leaders as they prepare. Pray also for students and families that they would stay safe while coming to learn more about our great Savior Jesus.


Reminder: Our governor has urged us to maintaining social distancing and wear face coverings when we are together to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We appreciate your cooperation to help protect the most vulnerable among us.

Deacons: would like to remind you if you would like to give at this time, please place your offering in the offering box located behind the sound system in the lobby. Thank you!


Finance Team: would like to remind everyone that those wishing to contribute to replenish our Major Improvements fund and pay down our balance on the loan for our new roof may note “Major Improvements” on their giving envelope, check, or online giving. Thank you for considering this request and for your faithful support and generosity.


The Reaching Team would like to encourage you to remember to love your neighbors. With so much fear going around, how can we demonstrate our trust in God while taking appropriate precautions?


Growing Faith at Home: Today we will hear about a man born blind (John 9). Can you imagine what it would be like to never see? Now imagine Jesus opening your eyes for the first time. Remember to thank God this week for all the beautiful things you see.

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