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Serving you at Greene Road Church

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Pastor Rick Pinckney

Pastor Rick Pinckney was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, and attended Grand Valley State University, majoring in English. After graduating and not finding a career in his chosen field of study, Rick tried a few different life paths, but did not find satisfaction.


In the fall of 1992, Rick met the love of his life, Laura, and together they set out on an adventure that would change their lives forever, as God met them on a mountain in southern California and they gave their lives to Jesus. God continued to lead Rick and Laura into different areas of full time ministry for 20 years, from Houston, Texas, to Seoul, South Korea, culminating in Rick attending Calvin Seminary to earn his Master of Divinity degree and begin pastoral work.

After graduation, Rick served as pastor at Beckwith Hills CRC in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for 15 years. He was called to be the pastor of Greene Road Church in November 2022. 


When not engaged in studying Scripture,  writing sermons or pastoral care, Rick enjoys nature walks, watching movies and playing the guitar. Rick and Laura love spending time with their adult son and two adult daughters as well as their two rowdy dogs.

Youth Leader: Lisa Vander Wey

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Secretary: Kara Villegas

Custodian: Sharon Stump

Greene Road Church

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